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Join WFA in the fight to protect students' right to privacy! We the undersigned citizens of Wisconsin want our children protected just as they have been in North Carolina. We are hereby petitioning our state legislature to pass legislation within the first 6 months of 2017 that, at a minimum, protects the bodily privacy and the constitutional rights of all students in Wisconsin's public schools. We are especially concerned about the safety and well-being of women and girls, who are particularly vulnerable. President Obama made it abundantly clear that he wanted every restroom and changing room in every public school and eventually every public building open to both men and women, regardless of the traumatizing effect that will have on many people. He was attempting to bully the states into submission and in so doing is especially endangering women and girls. Therefore, we urge our Wisconsin legislators and governor to join North Carolina in standing up to this blatantly unconstitutional over-reach by passing appropriate pro-active state legislation early in the next legislative session. By signing this, we are joining a coalition of concerned Wisconsin citizens who are pledging to hold our elected officials accountable to this end.